Ayo~ My name is Hayden.
It's pronounced like 'Aiden'.

I am from sunny So Cal. I love rainy/cloudy days. I also love skateboarding, music, gaming, tea, food, pretty pictures & giving lots and lots of cuddles.

I have this awkward obsession with french fries, strawberries, mocha fraps and Pokemon.

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Seriously you guys. I’m not too much of a dick, if you wanna talk to me, feel free. Same goes if I don’t follow you, message me and I’m more likely to check out your blog. I don’t keep track of checking blogs anymore cause I’m just lazy. Don’t let that stop you from dropping me a line. The worse that can happen is I don’t follow you because your blog doesn’t have anything in common with mine, or it’s just not my type. Ok? :)


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