Ayo~ My name is Hayden.
It's pronounced like 'Aiden'.

I am from sunny So Cal. I love rainy/cloudy days. I also love skateboarding, music, gaming, tea, food, pretty pictures & giving lots and lots of cuddles.

I have this awkward obsession with french fries, strawberries, mocha fraps and Pokemon.

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Okay well.. I’m gonna go to bed now.

Mom has the day off cos the hospital is being retarded and going through some problems. I really hope that they don’t close it down. That would mean so many people would lose their jobs :/ I mean, we’ll be okay. For sure. We have our back up plan. But others, not so much. But they will be deciding soon what will happen to the hospital. But anyways, since mom has the day off tomorrow, we’re going to get a shit ton of things done. Like buy Nate’s food and liter cos he is running out, try to get my passport so that I can go places during the summer, go to doctor appointments, get tests done, do random errands and freaking clean out the garage and kitchen. There are a lot of things packed away that should be out and things out that should be packed away. And I’m dreading waking up early Dx I mean.. I wake up everyday at 9┬áregardless. But Mother doesn’t let me sleep in past 6 when she is around… so I should head out. I probably won’t go to sleep yet. Maybe watch a few more episodes while finishing off my bowl of strawberries and talk to my Jessypooh since my boy knocked out over an hour ago xD Ugh. Can’t wait until he is back from Chicago. I am in a big need of a Neil huggle :c But yeah. Night Tumblr. Sorry for the random ranting xD

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